How to increase youtube views and tips


There is not a single person who is not familiar with the YouTube resource. Most people like to watch short and long videos while sitting in public transport or flip through the tape with interesting «vidyushki» before going to bed.

For many, this is just entertainment and it does not matter to them how many views a particular video has received. For the owners of these videos, the number of views is of great importance. After all, the more often they are watched, the more chances you have to make money on them.

Advanced YouTubers claim that by using certain methods, you can easily increase views and keep the viewer on your YouTube channel. But, in pursuit of achieving the goal, most beginners make a number of missteps that lead to negative consequences.

The most common mistakes

You can often find ads “buy 500 youtube views $ 1”, literally translated, it means “buy 500 views on YouTube for $ 1”. It is required to use this method with caution — you may stumble upon scammers. It is better for a beginner to bypass the offer.

Reciprocal exchanges. They, like spamming videos, never worked. Therefore, you should not waste your time using prohibited promotion methods.

Tips to Increase Views (Legal)

Try to get into a Google or Yandex search. You need to clearly pronounce popular phrases in your videos. When a user searches for content, your video will appear on his request, even if it is superficially related to the search topic. Once in the TOP queries, the video will have additional views.

Increase your session time. The user needs to be interested, otherwise he will quickly leave the page. This should be done using a playlist with the best videos. While he looks at all the proposals, the session time will increase to the desired one.

Constantly pump your knowledge of promotion on YouTube. Read more information, watch master classes of popular youtubers who have achieved great results.

Embed interesting videos on the topic in your blog. Watching «vidyushki» is more pleasant and interesting than just looking at pictures and reading text.

Share videos on forums, in social networks. The method really helps if the video is interesting.

Upload new videos when your audience is on YouTube. There are dedicated resources for analyzing this data.

Try to get to the first page. Promote your video within the first two days using all means and methods.

Make high-quality videos that will keep your audience for a long time.

The number of views will not increase by itself, you need to constantly work on it. Only then will it bring tangible results.